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Date Archives: August 2018

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Effectively marketing your rental property starts with preparing your house for the market. For a rental property, this is just as important as preparing it for sale.

Create Curb Appeal for the Property

When preparing the home, put your best foot forward. Cleanliness is critical in both the sales and the rental markets. The condition of the property you present will reflect the tenant you attract. So, if your house looks disheveled and like it's not the best quality, that's the tenant you will attract. If it's shiny and clean and new, that's the tenant who will want to live there.

Working from the outside in, start by trimming bushes. Sweep the front porch, and clear any cobwebs. Make sure the numbers on your house are visible. Hang a flag or put flower pots out there. These details say welcome home to a prospective tenant.

Clean Every Corner of the Home

Inside, the property must be sparkling clean. Hire a professional housekeeper who can be thorough and detailed. You want someone to get into the fridge and make it clean. There should be baking soda and fresh odors. Have some candles or air fresheners. This helps people to embrace a sensory experience when they visit the property. It's part of the marketing experience, and it helps your home to feel clean and inviting.  

Set Expectations Early

Check the windows in all the bedrooms and make sure they're working. You don't want any dripping faucets or slow plumbing. All these things cost you money down the line. A fresh coat of paint is always good, and be sure to clean carpets in between tenants.

If you provide them with a clean house, you'll get a clean property back. They will feel the attention that you've put into this property, and they'll want to take good care of it. Tell your tenants that you expect to get the property back in the same condition. Invite them to hang pictures and enjoy the home. You want them to know you expect a normal amount of wear and tear, and you want them to stay as long as they choose. This will help with tenant retention. Longevity is important to you.

If you have any further questions about preparing your home for the rental market, please contact us at

Pikus Real Estate & Property Management. We'd be happy to tell you more.


Real estate investors purchase homes based on a neighborhood(s) location, return on investment and how the single family tenant will be attracted to a particular school district.  Investment properties in beautiful neighborhoods command a higher rental price and cater to families in relocation for employment purposes and seeking the best options for their children.

Fast Company magazine said upward mobility in the job market can facilitate a job change or transfer every three years. Gone are the days of purchasing a property at every site. These individuals are looking for premium rental homes in great areas, with top education opportunities for their children and all the amenities that they would require in a home they purchased.

According to Shirley Pikus, Broker/Owner of Pikus Real Estate & Property Management, "Demand for executive style homes to accommodate the needs of these families is on the rise." Investment properties in superior school districts attract premium tenants who tend to turn the property back to the owner with only mild wear and tear and nearly rent ready. The turnover of these homes tends to be every two to three years, rather than annually, reducing the overall cost of turnover of the property for the owner.

Pikus Real Estate and Property Management manage rental properties in the top school districts in Stark County – Jackson Local, Lake Local, Plain Local and Louisville City and North Canton City Schools. These five school districts offer Advance Placement courses, college plus courses, athletic sports and a plethora of activities when the final bell rings. Through a collaborative agreement, students in Jackson, Lake, North Canton and Plain  are able to take courses offered at the other school, some of which include horticulture, culinary, nursing and health tech to name a few.

 U.S. News and World Report released their best schools for 2018 report. Among the Top 50 school districts in the state of Ohio were Jackson Local Schools and North Canton City Schools. Here is a closer look at the Top 5 school districts in Stark County.

Jackson Local Schools
Jackson Local Schools ranks as the top school district in Stark County. Jackson is ranked No. 37 in the state of Ohio and No. 955 in the nation according to U.S. News and World Report and earned a silver medal. Jackson's high ranking is based on Advanced Placement rate of 55 percent, 95 percent graduation rate and 45.6 out of 100 for college readiness.  Ten percent of the school population is minority. The Polar Bears recently won a Division I state championship in basketball, baseball and speech and debate. Learn more about Jackson at

North Canton City Schools
North Canton Hoover High School is ranked as the second best school district in Stark County. North Canton is ranked No. 40 in the state of Ohio and ranked No. 1,159 in the nation and earned a silver medal. Eight percent of the population is minority. Hoover's ranking is based on Advanced Placement rate of 52 percent, 98 percent graduation rate and 42.8 out of 100 for college readiness. Learn more about Hoover at

Louisville City Schools
Louisville High School is ranked No. 98 in the state of Ohio and is ranked 2,208 nationally and earned a silver medal. Thirty-eight percent of the student body takes Advanced Placement classes, 98 percent graduation rate and 40.7 college readiness.  Three percent of the student population is minority. Louisville is in a partnership with R.G. Drage Career Tech where students go the Drage Center to take courses offered auto mechanics, culinary, early childhood education, medical and health technology to name a few. To learn more about Louisville, visit

Lake Local Schools
Lake Local Schools is a growing community. Due to a number of new housing developments in the district, Lake is the process of completing an expansion of their middle school and replacing aging elementary school buildings through a funding partnership between the state of Ohio and a recent levy passage. Lake Local Schools is ranked 130 in the state of Ohio and is ranked 2,708 nationally while earning a silver medal. Twenty-seven percent of the student body is taking advanced placement classes. Lake has a 98 percent graduation rate and a 21.6 college readiness score. Lake offers extracurricular activities in sports and clubs for students to participate. The Lake YMCA is housed in the same building as the high school but community members use a separate entrance. Additionally, a stat care is located on the campus. To learn more about Lake High School, visit

Plain Local Schools
GlenOak High School is ranked No. 149 in the state of Ohio and has earned a bronze medal.  Twenty-four percent of the student body takes advanced placement classes. The graduation rate is 93 percent with 18.3 college readiness score. Twenty-three percent of the student body is minority.  The diverse student body covers all social economic platforms with 35 percent being from economically disadvantaged. Plain Local Schools, especially GlenOak High School, is known for their integration of the arts into its school curriculum with students having the ability to elect concentration in the arts- dance, theatre, music and choir. GlenOak is the only county school that follows an A/B schedule for classes. GlenOak High School recently became the first Stark County high school to be a fully credited, four-year International Baccalaureate school. To learn more about GlenOak, visit

To become an investor or renter in one of these school districts, please contact Shirley Pikus at Pikus Real Estate Property Management at or 330.417.7525.


A slow stroll, walking hand-in-hand down the street with your sweetheart. A couple stopping and talking with a neighbor or friends while sipping lemonade. Friends meet up for the first time since school let out. The final hurrah of summer as sun sets and strings of lights glow from tents.

The 22nd Annual North Canton Main Street Festival will close down the center of town Aug. 18 and 19. The festival takes place at the square located at the corners of East Maple and Main Streets. The former Hoover Company with its iconic smoke stack sits on one corner, with YMCA across the street. The Huntington Bank and city hall are opposite the Hoover Company and Pine Tree Gift Shoppe sits diagonal from the former sweeper giant.


Festival goers

The festival is the final summer celebration in North Canton before parents and kids prepare for going back to school and the first football game of the new season. The festival is a wonderful time for residents walking up and down the street visiting vendors and learning about local business underneath tents.

Several streets from the town square are blocked off in each direction leading into the Main and East Maple Streets. The festival features booths on both sides of the streets:

  • Selling their products
  • Arts and craft tables are set up for all age groups
  • Children's amusement rides
  • Children's activities
  • 20 food vendors selling drinks and a variety of different sandwiches
  • A classic car cruise-in
  • Entertainment make for a fun-filled family event and
  • A business expo will also take place.

Each year, several North Canton service organizations participate in the festival including the Lions Club and Rotary Club. The Rotary Club sponsor's its annual spaghetti dinner on Aug. 18 at Community Christian Church. The spaghetti dinner is a fund raiser for the Rotary Club to provide funding for community projects.

In additional to participating service organizations, the festival has established partnerships with the North Canton Chamber of Commerce, city of North Canton, the North Canton YMCA and several area businesses.

The festival provides entertainment for each family member regardless of their age. Parking is available on the streets and easily accessible walking from local neighborhoods including the Hillcrest Apartment complex. The festival runs  10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Aug. 18 and from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Aug. 19.

To enjoy terrific events similar to this throughout the year, Contact us so we can find the perfect rental for you in North Canton.