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Date Archives: March 2019

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One tenant moves out and another tenant is about to move in.  Should the locks be changed? 

"Yes, you should always change the locks before a new tenant moves in, "said Shirley of Pikus Real Estate and Property Management.  "The only person holding a key should be the property manager.  The owner does not want the liability of holding a spare key. 

Pikus said when there is a turnover in tenants, every attempt is made to collect the keys upon move out, but, she said you never know if the tenant made a copy of the key and gave it to other people or not. 

The danger in not changing locks is that if a third party has a key, they have free access to the property.  If there is a theft or worse, the property manager (and owner if they maintain keys) run the risk being sued pending the law in that state. 

Managers need to keep close tabs on the keys to the units.  Tenants should be present whenever repairs are being performed.  In the case that the tenant is not available, it is best to get written permission to pass a key to the vendor performing services.  This key needs to be collected after the repair is complete. 

This is one of the many reasons that people doing work for Pikus Real Estate & Property Management need to be licensed, bonded and insured.  Each of our maintenance crew has more than 10 years experience.  This is an issue we never have to worry about. 

Pikus Real Estate and Property Management's objective in changing locks is keeping the tenants and theowners properties both safe and secure. 

For more information in having Pikus Real Estate and Property Management manage your property, call Pikus at 330-417-7525.