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Property Management Q & A

Where will our property be advertised? How do we find the best possible tenant for our property? Are the best tenants using public sites or should we use more traditional advertising?
Your property is professionally marketed with the use of Vflyer. This marketing system allows us to post your property simultaneously to sites such as, Trulia, Zillow, and many, many more. We will attract local tenants and tenants that will be relocating to our area for business. This will provide us with the best pool of tenants for your property.

How do you screen applicants? Should backgrounds searches be done? What will they entail?
Tenants will be asked to apply online at There are no exceptions. Tenants will pay an application fee. This helps us determine the level of interest the tenant has in your home. After a review of the application, we pull a TransUnion Credit Report, a full address and criminal history. We also review a nationwide rental database to insure that there have been no previous evictions.

How do you prepare a lease, what additional documentation is required? Will I see the leases of my tenants in the property?
We use a standardized lease that can be modified to accommodate your property. We disclose the same information and apply the same criteria to EVERY tenant that we interview for leasing. This is one of the ways that we insure that we are consistent in application of Fair Housing Policies. All of the documents are available for your review in your personal online portal at any time.

Should my tenant pay the utilities?
You will instruct how you would like your utilities handled. If you prefer to maintain some of the property utilities in your name and you prefer to continue to pay them, you will leave them in your name. If the tenant is to pay the utilities, we obtain their newly established account numbers prior to passing of keys. The utilities that are paid by the tenant will revert to the property manager for payment if for some reason they are disconnected. We need to be sure that we are fully aware of the status of all utilities that are the responsibility of the tenant.

How are the repairs for my rental property paid for? How do I get paid?
Pikus Real Estate will hold a $250.00 discretionary maintenance account to use on a day to day basis for MINOR repairs that need to be completed. Any required repair that exceeds $250 requires owner notification. Any funds that are used within the previous calendar month will be replenished at the time that the next rent payment is received. Your proceeds will be deposited directly into the account of your choice near mid-month or as soon as possible after received.

Can I see the activity on my Management account? Will I know if there have been repairs made
to my property throughout the month?
Your management account is online and updated in real time. You can review your management reports at any time, day or night. You will be able to see if your rents have been received, and if any repairs have made to your property.

When is my property manager available to discuss my property with me?
Our offices are open 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday. We are available to both tenants and owners for emergencies in the evening and on the weekend. Please note that we make every effort to avoid non-essential repairs on the weekend to avoid costly overtime charges to you, the owner.

What if the tenant does not pay?
We do all that we can upfront to insure that we have a tenant placed in your property is ready, willing and able to pay. If the rent is not received in a timely manner, calls are made to the tenant to make payment arrangements within a specific timeframe. If the timeframe is not met, it is explained to the tenant that they will receive notice to pay immediately or vacate the property. We have no exceptions to the rules. From a Fair Housing standpoint, every tenant is treated exactly the same. These strict policies help us to avoid large rent balances to accumulate that can often be uncollectible.

Can we get just leasing services, we prefer to manage on our own?
If you have had good success as a landlord in the past, you may want to secure “Leasing Only” services. We will market your property, secure a tenant, and complete all of the necessary documentation for you. You will be provided with the first month rent, and any security deposits necessary, minus the leasing fee. You will also get copies of the full applications, disclosures
and leases.

Can you lease our property, collect the rents and we will do the management and repairs?
We discourage co-management of properties. We spend time searching for the best vendors with the best prices so that you can reap the benefits of your investment. We specialize in the professional handling of your investment property and appreciate the confidence you have in our abilities. Tenants tend to take advantage of the good nature of the owner and ask for repairs and modifications that may have already been rejected by the property manager. As an owner, you may not be aware of the arrangements for repairs and payment arrangements that have been agreed upon with your tenant. You do not want to minimize the power of your manager by discussions directly with the tenant. We often end up sorting out who promised what and when. You will always know if something major is needed at your property. It is our business to keep
you informed. Communication is our Specialty!

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